In-Store Payments

Payment Processing Solutions That Simply Work

Simplicity Payments, LLC has teamed up with Choice Merchant Solutions to offer latest, state of the art payment processing solutions for brick and mortar, mobile, and e-commerce. Whether it’s by credit or debit cards, online, mobile, gift cards or even checks, today’s consumer wants to pay their preferred way. We know that accepting multiple payment types is critical to keeping your business competitive, and your customers satisfied and loyal.

Why Choice?

We wanted to partner with a company that has the expertise to help you navigate the maze of new payment products, regulatory concerns, compliance issues and fraud risks. And we wanted to be able to offer solutions that accommodate merchants of every size, every need. Whether customers visit you in-store, online, or out in the field – Choice is expertly prepared to
make your transactions seamless.

Attract, Engage, Protect with Simplicity and Choice

Attract more customers

Bring more customers through your door by offering a streamlined payments experience that starts with advanced payment processing options. We offer a impressive range of payment processing
capabilities including support for:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • EBT transactions
  • Electronic checks and ACH
  • Mobile, gift and loyalty cards
  • Gateway services
  • Pay by Text
  • Hosted Payments
  • WooCommerce Payments

We offer a wide range of point-of-sale options including countertop, wireless and mobile, EMV®/chip card, nearfield communication (NFC) technology and more, from top manufacturers such as Ingenico and VeriFone®.

  • Standalone terminals
  • Integrated POS terminals
  • Wireless 4G and 5G terminals
  • PIN pads
  • Integrated systems
  • Virtual terminals
  • Mobile card readers
  • Mobile and In-Store POS Systems

Protect your payment data and stay compliant

We offer payment processing technologies with security, compliance and regulatory requirements in mind. Our solutions offer top level encryption, tokenization, PCI compliance, and risk management.

Enjoy Lower Costs With Simplicity and Choice

Our main objective at Simplicity Payments is to establish long term relationships with our customers by continuing to offer the best solutions at the lowest costs possible. Contact us today for a free statement analysis. We are very transparent, and would love to address any questions or concerns you may. And, if we cannot offer you better solutions, at a better price, then we will simply advise you to stay put with your current provider. Like our name says: Simple!

Contact us for a free statement analysis and more information!