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Accepting in-store payments is only the start of what we do. We partner with The General Store to offer seamless retail POS software for boutiques, convenience stores, grocery stores, hardware stores, liquor stores, and more. Keep your store operations running smoothly! Our retail POS solution provides fast and intuitive customer checkout, inventory management, labor management, customer loyalty, and reporting options to suit your store’s unique needs.

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3 Features Your Retail POS System Needs

What sets effective retail POS solutions apart? Here's what to look for:

Efficient Inventory Management

Get control of your store’s inventory with our retail POS software. Eliminate over-ordering and set inventory alerts to avoid stockouts ensuring popular items are available.

Seamless Labor Management

Are you staffing your store efficiently and tracking your team’s performance? Manage your workforce to ensure you have the staff to handle peak times and avoid unnecessary overtime.


Customer Loyalty

Your customers are what keep your retail business running. Reward their loyalty and keep them returning with an integrated customer loyalty program built into your retail POS software.

3 Benefits of High-Powered Retail POS Software

Discover how our retail POS system takes your business to the next level.

Fast Checkout Process

Keep lines moving and customers happy with an easy-to-use POS interface designed for quick checkouts.

Increase Profits

Offer a better customer experience and watch profits grow as customers keep returning and ultimately spending more.
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Streamline Operations

Integrated payments and POS solutions will simplify how your business operates and reduce time spent entering data.
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Streamline your commerce setup with a unified POS system and payment solution. We partner with top software companies to provide easy-to-deploy solutions that can be customized and scaled. We’ll work with you to create a solution that suits your business.

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